There is a fine art to what appears to be so beautifully simple. It requires the rare ability to balance line and proportion, to compose a subtle curve, to refins and perfect each graceful detail.

For over 16 years, S. T. Unicom has been challenging the preset notions of furniture industry; A name which is still tied down with wrought iron furniture in Eastern India. We take great pride in bringing the wrought iron furniture craze in India.

Being the pioneers and the largest manufacturer of metal furniture in Eastern India, we elegantly brought the hand painted iron furniture popularly knows as garden or outhouse furniture and transformed it into charming and graceful range of furniture & accessories which brought a lot of elegance in the interiors.

From here we took the new oath to bring refined palettes – a taste of contemporary furnishing from around the world.

Today many of the global brands being available in India exclusively with us. Like – SERIP from Portugal, Planika Fires from Poland, Alex Turco from Italy, Camus from Spain, Meystyle from UK and many more…

SPACIO’s bouquet of brands keeps growing as more and more international labels join us in our quest to revamp living spaces.