Baobab launches African Legacy - A New Collection of Candles & Diffusers

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As the winter season approaches, we are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary new chapter in the world of luxury home fragrances. Baobab, the celebrated brand known for its exceptional scented candles and home fragrances, is proud to introduce the Africa Legacy Collection. This collection is not just a new release; it's a celebration of Africa's artistic richness and its profound humanitarian spirit.


MAXI WAX - The Maxi Wax collection was born out of our brand new creative collaboration with Uniwax in Abidjan. Three scented candles and home diffusers were created in glass with a quirky Wax print decor.


Baobab New Collection - African Legacy Nyeleti Candle on a modern design dining side board


Nyeleti embodies the magic of the night, with the unsettling scent of an African night, where intoxicating music invites the body to exist freely. A note of incense opens up a world of spirituality and complexity. It is followed by Atlas cedar, which brings a woody, green freshness to the fragrance. As a base note, leather sets the fragrance on an almost metallic trail, and as the sun rises, we imagine the scent of Nyeleti disappearing like a mirage of seduction.


Baobab Max 16 Candle Maxi Wax Panya on a side table in a luxury home


The most "African" of our Maxi Wax collection, the Panya scented candle is sublimated with an ethnic print representing coffee beans. Its feminine African name means "woman of fire", and its fragrance is a spicy amber explosion of incense and cedar.


Panya is the image of a free, independent girl. Her femininity explodes despite her extreme youth. Her fragrance is born of her strong personality, offering in its wake the mysteries of incense, the richness of cedar notes and the burning, spicy warmth of amber.


Africa: The Heart of Inspiration: For this year's winter collections, Africa takes center stage, infusing every aspect of our creations with its vibrant essence. Baobab's commitment to both art and humanity has led us to revisit our core values, rekindling ties with African creativity and culture.


Baobab Maxi Wax Malia Diffuser on a side board with an african art sculpture styled and set on burl finish side board


In a glass decorated with a floral and kinetic motif, the Malia diffuser perfumes your home with a floral and gourmet fragrance. Journey into the imagination of an African queen who leaves in her wake all the charms of the Africa she carries within her.


A Journey of Art and Scent: The Africa Legacy Collection is a testament to the power of collaboration. We've teamed up with artists and artisans from across the African continent to craft limited edition scented candles and home fragrances that are not only visually stunning but also olfactorily captivating.


DELTA - Set sail for the infinite lands of the African deltas with the Delta collection, featuring hand-blown glass with designs eternally renewed by the mastery of the craftsman.


The Delta Zambeze candle collection from Baobab on a modern design console table in luxury interiors


The Zambèze scented candle comes in a hand-blown glass in shades of coral and black. The colors appear randomly on the glass, with a powdery effect reminiscent of shagreen. The warmth of hibiscus notes blends with the freshness of tea notes and the delectable red fruit notes.


Baobab Delta Nil Totem diffuser with reed diffuser sticks styled on a side table with coffee table books


The Nil totem perfume diffusers in the Delta collection are hand-blown glass in subtle shades of deep blues, grays and browns. A hand-crafted ceramic stopper completes the bottle, making it a true object of interior decoration.


We sail down the Nile to its delta, where the salty spray of the Mediterranean is carried by the wind. All along this journey, at the slow pace of feluccas, you'll notice lush vegetation on the shores, where the scents of green grass and moss mingle with water plants and blooming papyrus.


The Zambezi delta overlooks the Indian Ocean into which the river flows. Sunsets over the sea were a source of inspiration for the creation of this home fragrance. Hibiscus flower brings a warm note to the fragrance, while tea takes on a fresher olfactory identity. The base note of red berries sets the fragrance on a gourmet trail.


Baobab Collection Okavango pair of candle styled on a Side Board in a hi-end residence


Made of hand-blown glass by our glassmakers, the Okavango candle is a unique object on which colours of brown, ochre and khaki green form a chimerical landscape. The eternally renewed swirls on the glass are reminiscent of a photograph of land seen from the sky. The Okavango delta is sublimated by the diffusion of an aromatic fragrance with hints of bergamot, absinthe and Indonesian patchouli.


A magical eco-system, home to rare species, the Okavango delta brings together the aromatic fragrances of a land full of contrasts, aromatic notes of a landscape bursting with water and fruit. Bergamot unfurls its citrus notes, and gives way to wormwood, a plant with green leaves and herbaceous notes. This perfume's power comes from its base note of Indonesian patchouli, which gives it warmth and vivacity.


Rediscovering African Inspiration: This collection is a heartfelt return to our brand's fundamentals. We invite you to journey with us to an inspiring African realm, where each fragrance, each candle, is a story waiting to be told.


Artistry and Humanity: In the Africa Legacy Collection, artistry and humanity converge. Through our collaborations with African artists, we aim to not only celebrate their talent but also contribute to the betterment of their communities.


Baobab African Legacy New Collection Max 24 Candle as centre piece on a coffee table in a luxury home


SACRED TREES - Baobab is proud to partner with the Cœur Vert Foundation, a foundation committed to environmental protection and reforestation. For each Sacred Trees candle bought, some baobab trees will be planted in the Ivory Coast.


Baobab Afrrican Legacy Sacred Trees Diffuser styled in luxury interiors


A large, bluish baobab is drawn on the sublimated glass like the imaginary guardian of an endangered land. The Séguéla scented candle is a true object of decoration in your home, with its glass decoration designed in the great tradition of African drawings. Its woody fragrance of cedar, incense


Baobab new launch - Sacred Trees Candle styled on a style board in a luxury home


Experience the Africa Legacy: Explore the Africa Legacy Collection and embark on a sensory adventure. From the warm embrace of earthy fragrances to the flickering light of handcrafted candles, each piece in this collection tells a story of Africa's boundless beauty and resilience.


As winter's chill settles in, let the Africa Legacy Collection transport you to the infinite lands of Africa. Discover the art, culture, and humanity that define this collection, and let Baobab's scented candles and home fragrances infuse your space with the spirit of Africa.


Join us on this remarkable journey, where art, fragrance, and a commitment to humanity come together to create an experience like no other. Baobab's Africa Legacy Collection is more than a collection; it's an invitation to embrace the rich tapestry of Africa's legacy.


Visit Spacio stores today to experience the complete collection of Baobab Candles & Diffusers. 

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