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Pioneers in Luxury Interior Styling

Established in 1995, we take pride in bringing a taste of contemporary furnishing from around the world to refined palettes in India, with many of the global brands being available in India exclusively with us. Our eclectic collection of products in the sectors of Luxury Art Surfaces, Barware, Bath Accessories, Coffee Table Books, Candles & Fragrances, Decor & Accessories, Decorative Ligthing, Fireplace, Furniture - Indoor & Outdoor, Luxury Games, Office Accessories, Planters & Pots, Sculptures & Art Objects, Tableware, Timepieces & Clocks and other Interior Styling products has won the hearts of countless individuals who are united by a refined taste for stylish or luxury interiors.

Spacio has been challenging the preset notions of the interiors for the past 30 years. Today, the brand serves an array of clients ranging from Architects, Interior Designers, Landscapists, Interior Stylists, Luxury Villas & Apartments, Commercial spaces and Hotels & Restaurants. Spacio caters to the nation’s aesthetic and artistic needs in the interior industry.

Influencing countless individuals for over 3 decades, Spacio is the perfect destination for a multifarious collection of contemporary furnishing from around the world Spacio has not only redefined the perception of decor but has also emerged to be one of the leading brands in the luxury sector of furniture, decor & fine home accessories.

We introduce you to an out-of-world experience where artistry and exquisite craftsmanship are in complete harmony, connected by a symbiotic bond that helps transform your space into a work of art. Today, Spacio has its retail presence in Mumbai & Kolkata. We are soon coming to the cities of  Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, & Chennai.

We believe that the psychology of Interior Design is to see what creates the “wow factor”. With over 2 decades of experience, our team of Curators & Stylists strive to give the design fraternity – products and interior styling solutions that achieve that wow factor!


Contrasts are key to our offerings. We combine unique materials, elements & forms – giving complete styling solutions. All from the best International brands catering to Furniture – Indoor & Outdoor, Decorative Lighting, Decor & Accessories, Art Surfaces & more. Most of these brands are represented exclusively by us in India.

We envision a world where every space is a canvas for opulence and refinement. Guided by our passion for design, styling and unwavering commitment to excellence, we curate luxurious environments that transcend the ordinary. Through bespoke solutions and curated collections, we aspire to inspire lifestyles that reflect the essence of luxury.

At Spacio, luxury is not just a concept – it's an immersive experience that enriches lives and transcends expectations.


The world is changing at a rapid rate & we need to move with the times. Everything we do for interiors and interior design is redefined. All our focus is on the needs of our customers. We always assess and reassess our offerings, suggests and our designs as per your taste and requirements. Our only goal is to deliver the most appropriate & suitable solutions for your space.

Styling an interior often requires acute attention to the finer details. Attention to detail can promote efficiency and productivity, which are looked upon favourably in interior decorating and styling.

Our expert Interior Styling services reimagine spaces, infusing them with opulence and elegance. With an eye for detail and a passion for design, we curate every element to harmonize with your vision of luxury.

Our Team

Navin Kanodia
Creative Director, Principal Interior Stylist & Decorative Lighting Expert
Praveen Kanodia
Creative Director & Principal Furniture Design Specialist
Manjri Kanodia
Creative Director
Vibha Kanodia
Creative Director
Jai Kanodia
Architect Consultant
Anjali Kanodia
Architect & Strategist Consultant
Sumita Mukherjee
Interior Stylist
Audrey Dantas
Decor Specialist