QLOCKTWO EARTH: Redefining Luxury of Time in Words for Every Ticking Moment

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Innovative Horizons: QLOCKTWO EARTH's Timeless Elegance and Four Distinct Sizes Paving the Way for a New Era in Design Innovation


Qlocktwo Classic Black Pepper Luxury Clock in Luxury Home Office available at Spacio India

Embark on a journey into opulence with the latest addition to QLOCKTWO's distinguished collections—the unveiling of QLOCKTWO EARTH. This exquisite masterpiece transcends the boundaries of traditional timekeeping, standing as an eloquent tribute to the unparalleled cultural heritage of time and our planet.
Presenting the 24 hours of the day with a word matrix adorned in the poetic embrace of languages from every corner of the globe, QLOCKTWO EARTH is now a luminous jewel in their exclusive lineup. 

Journey into opulence with QLOCKTWO EARTH, an eloquent tribute to time and our planet, now available at Spacio as exquisite Timepieces and Clocks.


A Symphony of Timeless Elegance Crafted in Four Distinctive Sizes
1. EARTH 13.5

The EARTH 13.5 by QLOCKTWO stands as a sophisticated addition to tables or sideboards. Its compact format, enriched with the iconic QLOCKTWO design, conceals practical features. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this objet d'art integrates a night light, casting ambient illumination, and a seconds mode, subtly enhancing its functionality. Discover elegance with the QLOCKTWO EARTH 13.5 as a Table Clock & Wall Clock, now at Spacio.


In harmonising practicality with sophistication, the EARTH 13.5 becomes a testament to the seamless fusion of impeccable style and purposeful design. Elevate your space with the refined elegance and practical allure of QLOCKTWO.




The seconds are shown as large numbers inside the matrix. In seconds mode the minute points in the corners are still visible.


In this mode the clock is completely dark leaving you to enjoy your night. To read the clock simply touch the surface and the time appears for two seconds.



A light sensor enables the brightness of the LEDs to adjust automatically to the ambient light conditions. The luminosity can also be set manually.




QLOCKTWO EARTH 13.5 can reliably wake you or remind you of an appointment, first gently then with some persuasion. The alarm function is turned on and off by pressing the alarm button at the back of the clock.



2. EARTH 45
The EARTH 45 UNIVERSE EDITION MIDNIGHT transcends conventional timekeeping, offering a celestial masterpiece where QLOCKTWO's iconic word display seamlessly merges with the mystical allure of the night sky. The midnight blue surface reflects the elusive transition from day to night, infusing each moment with cosmic elegance. it's a curated collection available at Spacio India.

Meanwhile, Biegert & Funk's intricate moon-gold artwork graces the body, elevating the MIDNIGHT edition to an artful realm. Limited to 900 pieces worldwide, these objects transcend mere functionality; they encapsulate the core of QLOCKTWO—melding craftsmanship, celestial elegance, and an unwavering commitment to rarity, making each piece a treasured token of the cosmos.



With the Augmented Reality function you can spark your imagination and find the perfect place for your design object by positioning the QLOCKTWO of your choice in any room.

3. EARTH 90

In the expansive dimensions of 90 x 90 cm, the QLOCKTWO EARTH 90 asserts itself as a commanding presence. Its brushed stainless steel, matte coating, or exclusive CREATOR'S EDITION fronts not only emphasise sophistication but also evoke a sense of individuality. The distinct size and meticulous design collaborate to form a visual spectacle, capturing attention and leaving an indelible mark on every observer.


Beyond a mere timepiece, the QLOCKTWO EARTH 90 is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, offering a captivating fusion of size, materials, and design that elegantly transcends the conventional, making it a statement of enduring beauty in any space. 
4. EARTH 180  

Elevating spaces to new heights, the QLOCKTWO EARTH 180 stands as a captivating design statement, ideal for expansive rooms. With dimensions of 180 x 180 cm, it boldly assumes the role of an unequivocal center piece, transcending the conventional notion of a clock. Crafted with precision, its brushed stainless steel, matte coating, or CREATOR'S EDITION fronts contribute to a visual symphony. 

The QLOCKTWO EARTH 180 transcends its temporal role, offering a lavish sensory journey by seamlessly blending opulent dimensions, sumptuous materials, and exquisite design. More than a timepiece, it personifies enduring luxury and elevated style, becoming a symbol of opulent sophistication in any distinguished space.


Elevating elegance and innovation, QLOCKTWO EARTH, now available at Spacio, transcends traditional timekeeping. From EARTH 13.5's sophistication to EARTH 180's grandeur, each piece, crafted in brushed stainless steel or matte coating, symbolises enduring luxury. More than a collection, it's a testament to craftsmanship, celestial elegance, and unwavering exclusivity, redefining timekeeping with opulent brevity.


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