GlammFire was founded in September 2008, in northern Portugal, with the goal of developing and manufacturing exclusive fireplaces.

The will for greater efficiency, the search for differentiation, achieved by the development of unique products, and the respectful commitment to ecology are present in every detail of GlammFire products.

Ignite the ambiance of your space with GlammFire Fireplaces, where artistry and technology blend seamlessly to create exquisite focal points. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these fireplaces are more than just heating sources – they are pieces of functional art that elevate your surroundings.

GlammFire brings innovation to the world of fireplaces, offering a diverse range of designs to suit various interior styles. Whether you prefer the sleek and modern or the classic and timeless, GlammFire has a fireplace that complements your aesthetic.

Indulge in the dance of flames and the gentle crackle of burning wood while enveloped in warmth and luxury. With GlammFire, you're not just heating your space – you're creating an atmosphere that exudes comfort, elegance, and sophistication.

Transform your environment into a haven of tranquility and style with GlammFire Fireplaces. Let the mesmerising play of fire captivate your senses and make every moment a delightful experience.