Discover the epitome of sophistication and style with Glamora Italian Wall Coverings. Crafted in Italy, each design exudes a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation, transforming your space into a luxurious haven.

The bespoke-design, tailor-made wall covering with non-repeating pattern, specially patented for spaces which come into contact with water and requires no additional waterproof applications.

Over two years of research have gone in to responding to the increasingly more complex and specific demands of architecture and interior design devoted to wellness environments. The perfect combination of technical functionality and style, it is a high-performance, innovative covering for walls which come into contact with water or are subjected to intense mechanical force or chemical exposure. Its special surface overlay makes it resistant to scrapes and intense force. At the same time, the smooth, nonporous surface prevents mould and bacteria. Its light, delicate and flexible structure is extremely resistant, making it a versatile and functional covering that lasts. In addition, the ease and speed with which it can be installed allows for significant savings in terms of time.

GlamFusion is the ideal solution for covering vertical internal surfaces (not doors) in residential and commercial environments subject to frequent stress (kitchens, gyms, wellness areas, accommodation) or with occasional direct exposure to water (bathrooms/showers, spas).

Glamora's unique approach to wall coverings unveils a world of endless possibilities, where creativity and design converge seamlessly. From captivating textures to mesmerising patterns, experience the Italian craftsmanship that defines Glamora.

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Your walls deserve the finest, and Glamora delivers nothing less.