LED & Swarovski Wall Coverings

With a mission to break out of the 2D wallpaper medium and extend spaces through depth of pattern, LED Wall paper was invented.

The Meystyle Swarovski Crystal + LED Wallpaper Collection is an elegant and opulent wall covering option that incorporates the use of Swarovski crystal and embedded LED lights to create a spectacular stand-out wall installation. Wallpaper by day and a source of lighting at night, the lights can be switched on and off to quickly transform and add character to a space.  LED and OLED Wallpaper has the power to enhance or disguise architectural elements and create moods or focal points within a room.

It is a rich and flexible medium for the user to play with and express their creativity. It is light weight and adds no thickness to the wall, it is malleable, which makes it a perfect material for covering pillars, niches and corners. LED Wallpaper has the unravelled capacity to create a powerful feature without taking up any space in the room.

The LEDs are fully integrated into the material of the wallpaper without any added thickness, allowing it to be hung like any traditional wall covering. LED wallpaper requires an electrical socket or a switch to work.