Vibha Kanodia is the Creative Director and Admin at Spacio, where she oversees the operations and administrative activities of the Kolkata store. With a unique blend of creative vision and organisational prowess, Vibha ensures the store exemplifies luxury and efficiency.

Career Journey

Vibha’s career seamlessly integrates design expertise and administrative skills. She started with a focus on creative direction at Spacio, making significant impacts with her innovative design concepts. Her role expanded to include administrative duties, where she balanced both functions to enhance store operations and customer experience.

Design Philosophy

Vibha's design philosophy focuses on creating luxurious, comfortable, and functional spaces. She combines contemporary and classic elements with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each piece and layout contributes to a cohesive and elegant aesthetic.

Administrative Excellence

In her administrative role, Vibha manages daily store operations, inventory, supplier coordination, and staff management. Her strategic planning and organisational skills streamline processes, fostering a productive and efficient work environment.


Vibha's dual contributions have established the Kolkata store as a premier destination for luxury Furniture, Decor & Accessories & Decorative Lighting. Her leadership has driven increased customer satisfaction and operational performance, solidifying Spacio’s reputation for excellence.

Vision for Spacio

Vibha aims to position Spacio Kolkata as a benchmark for luxury and innovation in interior styling products. She is dedicated to enhancing store offerings and maintaining high operational standards, ensuring a unique and memorable customer experience.

Personal Attributes

Known for her multitasking abilities and collaborative leadership, Vibha inspires her team and values creativity and innovation. Her passion for art, culture, and travel enriches her design perspective, making her an invaluable asset to Spacio.

Vibha Kanodia’s role at Spacio exemplifies her ability to blend creative direction with administrative excellence, driving the Kolkata store's success and growth.