A 101Cph Cobra Uno Medio Bubble White 201012 vase on a grey background. The vase, from 101 Copenhagen&

101 Copenhagen Cobra Uno Medio Bubble White 201012

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The 101 Copenhagen Cobra Uno Medio bubble in White colour is a tribute to the Cobra Arts Movement of the 1960s. The collection is the epitome of quirky vases that will add joy to any interior setting. Think whimsical, soft and organic shapes unmistakably reminiscent of human silhouettes and curves. True to the Cobra artists way of working, the series takes its starting point in naive hand sketches leading to bodily silhouettes. As it is a hand glazed natural product, the colours may vary slightly. 


L30 x W10 x H25 cm

2.00 kgs

About 101 Copenhagen

Nordic Elegance Redefined: Experience Timeless Design

101 Copenhagen (101Cph) is a Danish design brand founded in 2017. They create furniture, lighting, and accessories with world class craftsmanship and a timeless, modern design.

The brands offer a variety of furniture and decor for those who love different materials, textures, shapes, and colours. The brand is a top pick for India's leading Architects & Interior designers who appreciate Scandinavian style and minimal decor.

Combining Scandinavian and Japanese styles, this design represents a harmonious mix of Nordic and Eastern influences. The North and the East come together in our collections, focusing on quality materials, techniques, and traditions. Their dynamic design approach symbolises freedom of expression. The brand creates unique and timeless pieces and does not compromise on playfulness and individuality.

Our main designers, Tommy Hyldahl and Kristian Sofus Hansen, earn recognition for their meticulous attention to detail. Their collections showcase minimalist, sculptural, and conceptual design.

Bringing Japanese simplicity to Scandinavia means valuing quality, heritage, and materials without sacrificing style and practicality. Nicolaj Noddesbo, an architect, brings new ideas and lighting solutions to our collections.

The brand offers a range of distinct and attractive items known for their Nordic influence and simplicity.

Explore the entire range now at Spacio retail stores and online. Drop by our retail outlets to immerse yourself in the realm of Nordic design and Scandinavian living. Consult with our Interior Stylists to discover how the collection can infuse luxury into your living spaces. Or browse the collection online sitting in the comfort of your home.

In 2019, Spacio proudly introduced 101 Copenhagen for the first time in India.

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