Bosa Canfino Candle Holder AH12 090480

Bosa Canfino Candle Holder AH12 090480

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The Bosa Canfino Candle Holder, designed by Jaime Hayon in black & Rose Copper finish, embodies elegance and versatility. Crafted with high-quality ceramics, its timeless design makes it a stylish addition to any interior. Combining functionality with artistic flair, it illuminates spaces with grace and charm.

Bosa, founded in 1976 in Veneto, Italy, is a leading producer of artistic ceramics. Collaborating with renowned designers, they blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, emphasizing creativity and quality.

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L14 x H30 cm

About Bosa

In the charming town of Borso del Grappa, nestled amidst the Venetian countryside, Bosa, the globally renowned ceramic industry, found its home. Inspired by the rich traditions of Bassano and Venice, as well as Asolo's innovative spirit, Bosa began its ceramic production journey in 1976.

Under the guidance of Italo Bosa, the company mastered ancient handcrafting techniques. Their creations, adorned with precious metals like gold, platinum, and copper, are distinguished by a rich palette of colours and exclusive enamels. Bosa's commitment to precision and experimentation sets their ceramic objects apart.

Bosa's dedication to research and innovation, coupled with collaborations with renowned designers, has propelled it to a leading position in the world of designer ceramics. From Marco Zanuso Jr. to Jaime Hayon, their partnerships have spawned exuberant and imaginative creations.

With a presence in over 50 countries and a strong museum presence, Bosa continues to produce unique handcrafted ceramics. Each piece, meticulously crafted and controlled, reflects their passion for excellence and innovation in the world of ceramics.

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