Clock Haoshi Goldfish Black Gold (Limited Edition)

Clock Haoshi Goldfish Black Gold (Limited Edition)

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The clock contains nine calmly swimming goldfish. In Eastern culture 'number nine' symbolises flourishing fortune. Nine goldfish represent luck and prosperity. A timeless design with fine carvings and a delicate finish. A true masterpiece, completely handcrafted and equipped with a black gilding.

The installation is quite simple: attach the timepiece onto the wall with a screw. Each goldfish has its own number and its location on the wall is indicated on the template that is included in the box. Each fish has a piece of double-sided adhesive tape. Press the fish lightly on the wall for 30 seconds.  Please note that the fish are not suited for application onto rough surfaces or a bladdering wall. If you would relocate the clock, make sure to provide each fish with a new piece of double-sided adhesive tape.  We advise to use qualitative tape. (For example the one that is used to hang bathroom mirrors on a wall.) 

The clock runs on AA batteries, which are not included.
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