A Clock Haoshi Sparrow Round Yellow Gray with two sparrows on it.

Clock Haoshi Sparrow Round Yellow Gray

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Morning dew attached to the wings of the sparrows, the city's air mixed with the smell of trees and flowers. The sun shuttles when sparrows jump between houses, joyful singing sometimes while flying to spread and praise the colour of the city.

Sparrows symbolise the good things in life. Some will come and go and be forgotten as time goes by, but some will be found just outside your window. All you need to do is to open the window and let them in. Just let time record the details of that story.

Haoshi's Sparrow X Round Wall Clock in Yellow and Gray colour brings out the sparrow's innocence. Whether it is at home or work environment, let them fly into your world and become scenery in your life!

Change your mood and freshen up each expectation. Haoshi’s Sparrow clock presents to you a different face of time. Winding up your passion for life!

The yellow & gray hands rotate, like sunshine and moonlight, revealing the lapse of time.

About Haoshi

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