Clock Haoshi Swallow

Clock Haoshi Swallow

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In the world where time never stops, imagine capturing each precious second as effortlessly as a swallow takes flight. Introducing the Haoshi Swallow Clock in elegant white - a symbolic reminder to seize the day, cherish the present, and embrace every moment that life offers.

Time, much like the graceful flight of a swallow, waits for no one. The Swallow X CLOCK captures this essence, encouraging you to pause, savour the here and now, and relish the beauty that surrounds you. As time moves forward, the swallows continue to soar, embodying the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

This clock transcends mere functionality, merging the elements of motion and tranquility. The Swallow Clock beautifully intertwines these aesthetics to create a stunning visual representation of time. Instead of traditional numbers, twelve delicate swallows grace its face, reminding us of the inexorable passage of time and the endless possibilities that await.

Swallows symbolise luck and hope, making this clock not only a timekeeper but also a bearer of positive energy. May the swallows' wings bring good fortune, while their flight inspires you to reach for the skies in every aspect of life. An ideal choice for those seeking balance and harmony, the Haoshi Swallow Clock is more than a timepiece—it's a timeless symbol of love, luck, money, and happiness. Elevate your space with this exquisite blend of art and functionality, and let it resonate with the principles of Vastu and Fengshui.

The clock can be scaled to any size as per your choice as the space permits or as per your imagination. Wishing you a Happy Time always with the Swallow Clock!


D6.5 × Dia 65 cms

About Haoshi

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