Four exquisite Nomon Isola 5 Walnut (Limited Edition) Wall Clocks, meticulously crafted from solid walnut wood, gracefully hang on a pristine white wall.
Clock Nomon Isola 5 Walnut (Limited Edition)
Four exquisite Nomon Isola 5 Walnut (Limited Edition) Wall Clocks, meticulously crafted from solid walnut wood, gracefully hang on a pristine white wall.
Clock Nomon Isola 5 Walnut (Limited Edition)

Clock Nomon Isola 5 Walnut (Limited Edition)

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Introducing the Nomon Isola Wall Clock, a true masterpiece of form and function crafted from solid walnut wood. Designed by the renowned Mario Ruiz for Nomon, the Isola clock stands as a testament to innovation and aesthetic excellence.

The Isola clock transcends the ordinary, offering a unique composition that blends artistry with practicality. Comprising several distinct pieces, the clock's largest component houses the intricate machinery that powers its timeless elegance. The Isolas, is a 5 pieces set of wall installation that provides you the creative freedom to arrange them in a configuration that resonates with your individual style.

Meticulously fashioned from luxurious walnut wood, the Isola clock is a celebration of natural beauty and fine craftsmanship. Its matte polished brass accents harmonise seamlessly with the rich tones of walnut, exuding an aura of sophistication and refinement.

Within this masterpiece lies the heart of precision—a UTS (German) mechanism that operates with the utmost accuracy, ensuring your timekeeping experience is flawlessly reliable. And true to Nomon's commitment to quality, the Isola clock is designed to operate in serene silence, adding to the tranquility of your living spaces.

With the Nomon Isola Wall Clock, you're not just acquiring a timepiece; you're acquiring a work of art that transcends the boundaries of tradition and embraces the realms of creativity. Elevate your space with the embodiment of functional elegance that is the Nomon Isola clock—a symphony of wood, brass, and ingenuity.


2 pcs - L38 x H21 - 26 cms
2 pcs - L55 x H28 - 36 cms
1 pc (with clock) - L71 x H38 - 49 cms
Depth - 7 cms


About Nomon

Nomon, a prestigious brand from Spain, is renowned for its exquisite clocks and designer furniture. With a focus on innovation, elegance, and quality craftsmanship, Nomon has established itself as a leader in the world of luxury design.

The hallmark of Nomon's creations is their sleek and contemporary aesthetic, characterized by clean lines, minimalistic designs, and high-quality materials. Their clocks, ranging from wall clocks to table clocks, are not only functional timepieces but also works of art that enhance any interior space.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Nomon clocks feature premium materials such as natural wood, metal, and marble, which add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their designs. The combination of fine craftsmanship and innovative design results in timepieces that are both visually stunning and accurate.

In addition to their clocks, Nomon also offers a range of designer furniture pieces. From elegant dining tables and stylish chairs to unique accessories and lighting fixtures, Nomon furniture embodies the brand's commitment to quality, elegance, and contemporary design.

Nomon's creations have garnered international acclaim and have been featured in prestigious design exhibitions and publications worldwide. Their designs are sought after by discerning customers who appreciate the fusion of functionality and artistry.

Whether used in residential or commercial spaces, Nomon clocks and furniture make a statement of refined taste and sophistication. They seamlessly blend into various interior styles, adding a touch of modernity and elegance to any setting.

Experience the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of Nomon as you explore their stunning collection. Let their clocks and furniture pieces become the focal points of your space, elevating your interior design to new heights of luxury and style.


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