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Clock Qlocktwo Earth 45 Steel Hazelnut

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QLOCKTWO CLASSIC with front cover HAZELNUT made of light brown, matt powder-coated stainless steel.

The QLOCKTWO CLASSIC HAZELNUT receives an exclusive matt surface finish through the elaborate powder coating. The lasered-out letters of the iconic matrix make the light appear in an impressive presence. The three-dimensionality of the surface is further enhanced by this.

DIMENSIONS QLOCKTWO CLASSIC (H × W × D): 450 × 450 × 22 mm
DIMENSIONS ACRYLIC GLASS BASE (H × W × D): 140 × 140 × 20 mm
WEIGHT: approx. 4.8 kg

About Qlocktwo

Qlocktwo is a revolutionary brand that redefines the concept of timekeeping. Their exceptional timepieces replace traditional digits with words, creating an artistic and poetic way to tell time. Each Qlocktwo clock is a masterpiece of precision engineering, with meticulously crafted letters that light up to reveal the current time in five-minute increments. The design is elegant and minimalistic, making it a stunning center piece in any space. With Qlocktwo, time becomes more than just numbers on a clock; it becomes a unique expression of art and design. The words change every five minutes, creating a constantly evolving and captivating display. Whether you choose a wall clock or a table clock, Qlocktwo adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to any interior.

The brand's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship has earned them international acclaim, and their clocks are coveted by art enthusiasts, designers, and collectors worldwide. Qlocktwo's dedication to pushing the boundaries of timekeeping has resulted in a truly unique and timeless collection that transcends the ordinary and elevates the experience of time. Experience the beauty and ingenuity of Qlocktwo at Spacio, where we offer an exquisite selection of their iconic timepieces. Transform your space with the artistry of Qlocktwo and make a statement that is both functional and inspiring.

Since its launch, the QLOCKTWO family has received more than 30 international awards including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Product Design Award and the ADC Europe’s Gold Award.

SPACIO is proud to be the exclusive retail outlet for Qlocktwo Collection in India!

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