A Gardeco Ceramic Sculpture Visitor Small Graphite Cor13 with a graphite finish standing on a white background.

Gardeco Ceramic Sculpture Visitor Small Graphite Cor13

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Meet the charming Visitor Small figurine in the exquisite Graphite finish, a delightful addition to your decor. Crafted with care and designed by the renowned Belgian sculptor, Guido Deleu, this art object embodies a warm and inviting presence that resonates with all.

Design Excellence: Guido Deleu's creation, the Visitor, boasts smooth lines and a friendly appearance. Its iconic status in the Gardeco collection since its 2009 launch speaks to its timeless appeal.

Artistry in Craftsmanship: The Visitor Small is available in two impeccable variants. One is meticulously handcrafted in ceramic by the skilled artisans at the Cores da Terra studio in Brazil. The other is cast in bronze, using the ancient lost wax method, a technique that traces its origins back to the third millennium B.C.

A Belgian Masterpiece: Designed by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, this figurine is a testament to his creative vision and artistic prowess.

Handmade in Brazil: The ceramic version is lovingly handmade in Brazil, using natural colour pigments to achieve the GraphiteåÊfinish, ensuring each piece is unique.

Tabletop Protection: The Visitor Small features felt on the underside of its feet, preventing damage to your tabletops and surfaces.

Discover the complete Visitor Collection from Gardeco, or visit Spacio's stores to experience these captivating art objects in person Our Customer Care team is at your service to answer any questions you may have, and our Interior Stylists in Spacio's retail stores will gladly assist you in selecting the perfect Visitor Small to enhance your living space.

Elevate your decor with the welcoming charm of the Visitor Small in Graphite finish. Add this iconic Gardeco piece to your collection and embrace the warmth it brings to your interior.

Spacio Styling team highly recommends pairing at least 2 visitors in different sizes/ finishes to create a focal point.


W8 x D6 x H24 cms

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