A stunning Gardeco Glass Bowl Drop Diagonal Fume Amber, showcasing the artistry of glassmaking with a mesmerizing yellow and brown center.

Gardeco Glass Bowl Drop Diagonal Fume Amber

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The Fume & Amber Diagonal Drop Bowl is an exquisite work of art, blurring the boundaries between glass and ethereality. Its unique diagonal drop design, which appears to challenge gravity, adds an intriguing touch to any interior setting, particularly when gracing a coffee table. This exceptional bowl is a true testament to the artistry of glassmaking.

The infusion of fume and amber tones into the glass creates an awe-inspiring visual effect. The amber hues seem to dance and flow freely within the glass's graceful curves. This dynamic interplay of light and colour adds a remarkable depth and warmth to the bowl's aesthetic.

Crafted with precision, the bowl's rich brown accents, surrounded by the clarity of glass, produce a captivating contrast. It's a piece that not only elevates the ambiance of a room but also serves as a conversation starter, inviting admiration for its captivating design. Whether as a center piece or as part of a decorative ensemble, the Fume & Amber Diagonal Drop Bowl is a masterstroke in glass artistry, radiating sophistication and charm in every setting.

Spacio's Interior Styling team highly recommends pairing this with the Glass Bowl Flat Diagonal Fume Amber.


Dia 14 x H12 cms

About Gardeco

Experience the epitome of Belgian elegance with Gardeco, a brand that redefines luxury in interior design. Originating from Belgium, Gardeco offers a curated collection of exquisite furnishings and decor that seamlessly blend timeless aesthetics with contemporary flair.

Gardeco's creations are a testament to the brand's dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation. From sophisticated furniture pieces to captivating decor accents, each item exudes a sense of refined luxury that elevates any space.

Discover the essence of Belgian design with Gardeco's collection, where meticulous attention to detail meets artistic finesse. Transform your interiors into a haven of sophistication and style by incorporating Gardeco's stunning creations. Immerse yourself in the world of Gardeco at SPACIO and experience the allure of Belgian design like never before.

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