Refined Interior Spaces Where Sculptural Elegance Meets Nordic Minimal Decor

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Elevate Simplicity with Nordic Minimal Decor Accessories

Enter the serene realm of Nordic minimalism, where simplicity reigns supreme. Our Interior Stylists invite you to explore the minimal yet elegant charm of Nordic decor accessories such as vases, bowls, and candle holders—transforming your living space into a haven of peace and refined style.

Our Nordic living collection of Decor Accessories is a celebration of simplicity, functionality, and enduring beauty of 101 Copenhagen. Whether you are looking to furnish your entire living space or add subtle accents, their curated collection offers a range of options that harmonise effortlessly with the principles of Nordic design, transforming your home into a haven of refined living.


Nordic Style Luxury Home Decor from 101Cph styled in a Living Room, by Spacio Interior Styling Team
1. The Essence of Nordic Minimalism

Nordic minimalism embraces the beauty of simplicity, focusing on clean lines, functional design, and a neutral color palette. Introducing accessories that echo these principles is key to achieving the quintessential Nordic look.

2. Sculptural Vases - A Breath of Elegance

Incorporate sculptural vases with minimalist forms to bring a touch of elegance to your space. Opt for muted tones and simple shapes that resonate with Nordic aesthetics. These Vases not only serve as vessels for blooms but also stand as standalone pieces of art. Consider the 'Haven' or 'Sculpt' series for a timeless and sculptural touch.

Minimum Scandinavian Home Decor Hollow Sculptures on Pedestals, styled by Spacio Interior Stylists
3. Functional Bowls - Harmony in Utility

Choose bowls with clean lines and a focus on functionality. Nordic minimal decor often emphasises the beauty of everyday items. Bowls from collections like 'Simple Harmony' or 'Pure Essence' can seamlessly blend into your space while offering practicality and grace.

4. Candle Holders - Warmth in Simplicity

Candlelight is a quintessential element of Nordic interiors. Integrate minimalist candle holders to infuse warmth and coziness. The 'Nordic Glow' or 'Subtle Serenity' series can create an inviting atmosphere, complementing the simplicity of your decor.

5. Stylish Flair with Nordic Platters

A collection of exquisite Platters designed to seamlessly blend style and functionality for interior styling. Sculptural pieces feature clean lines and minimalist forms, aligning perfectly with the Nordic aesthetic. Ideal for serving or as captivating decor elements, these platters enhance the chic ambiance of your living space.

6. Unifying Elements - Creating Cohesiveness

Achieve harmony by selecting accessories that share common design elements. Whether it's a shared material, colour palette, or geometric shapes, unifying these elements brings a sense of cohesion to your Nordic-inspired interior.

7. Interior Serenity - Soft Textiles and Inviting Elements

Introduce softness to your space with cozy textiles like blankets and cushions. Opt for neutral colours and natural fabrics to enhance the comfort and warmth of your minimalist haven.

Book Shelf styled with minimum silhouette nordic decor styled by Spacio Interior Styling Team

Incorporating Nordic minimal decor accessories, such as vases, bowls, and candle holders, is a journey into the heart of simplicity and functionality. Each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic, creating a space that is not just visually appealing but also calming and inviting.

Visit Spacio retail stores today to discover the perfect accessories that embody the essence of Nordic minimalism. Let your home reflect the beauty of simplicity with thoughtful and refined Interior Styling.

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