Esperia, the Luxury Decorative Lighting brand from Italy, draws inspiration from the endless expanse of space, a frontier that continues to captivate our imagination, especially as we witness the unfolding race to explore Mars. The name "Hesperia" finds its roots in Greek mythology, denoting the western lands where the sun sets, a term that was later used by Latin poets to refer to Italy itself.

Since 1952, Esperia has been a beacon of excellence in crafting high-end decorative light fixtures, proudly based in Tuscany. The brand's foundation is built upon four core values: design, material, art, and innovation. It's from these values that Esperia creates its masterpieces, unwavering in its commitment to offering a unique and emotion-filled experience every evening for those who choose its creations.

Esperia's in-house style center is the heart of design and production, even custom-made pieces, ensuring a seamless process that spans the various artisan districts of Tuscany. With over 70 years of history, Esperia has emerged as a paragon of excellence, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of innovative and contemporary projects that push the boundaries of lighting design.