Mario Cioni

Mario Cioni & C: Crafting Dreams in Crystal

In the world of luxury crystal, where exquisite beauty meets meticulous craftsmanship, one name stands as an epitome of passion, creativity, and meticulous care - Mario Cioni. With an alchemical touch, mere sand is transformed into timeless dreams, and the magic of this combination reverberates through every piece of crystal artistry that bears our name.

A Philosophy of Pleasure
At Mario Cioni & C, the driving philosophy centres on one singular goal - to bring pleasure to those who choose their creations. For over sixty years, Mario Cioni team have channeled their wealth of experience into crafting collections that are not only diverse but also complementary in their inspiration and purpose. The creations are destined to complete the hedonistic dreams of connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Artistry Beyond Compare
What sets Mario Cioni's crystal collections apart is the unmatched hand craftsmanship and emotional design that permeates every piece. Each creation is a testament to their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic crystal ware.

The Brands That Define Mario Cioni Collection
Within the realm of Mario Cioni & C, four distinct brands weave their unique narratives, each contributing to the rich tapestry of our legacy:

Mariocioni: Bearing the name of the founder, this historic collection pays homage to classic canons of high-quality artistic crystal ware. It stands as a testament to their commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

Tondo Doni: Inspired by Michelangelo's groundbreaking painting, Tondo Doni revolutionises crystal's perception as a precious material and an eye-catching design element. It introduces a new perspective, much like its namesake.

Lucescultura: This represents the latest expression of the company's versatile know-how. Here, light takes center stage as the intangible soul to which crystal gives shape, creating exclusive, captivating furnishing and lighting products.

Mario Cioni Crystal Sound (MCCS): Here, the company ventures into a new dimension of aesthetics - the aesthetics of sound. Their objects, designed to satisfy both sight and touch, unexpectedly become instruments of acoustic diffusion, embodying the concept of "crystal clear sound."

To truly appreciate the opulence and artistry of Italian Crystal Luxury and the Mario Cioni Collection, we invite you to explore our creations in person. Visit Spacio stores, where the timeless elegance of crystal awaits to enchant your senses and elevate your living spaces. Mario Cioni & C - Crafting Dreams in Crystal.