SV Casa

Each SV CASA piece is made from the finest materials and brought to life in the hands of the world’s most experienced artisans. Every shell, stone and wood inlay has been meticulously carved and placed for a perfect finish.

From the shores of Panarea, to the wilds of Madagascar and Cairo’s majestic pyramids, the SV CASA anthology is an epic romance which traverses the corners of the globe.

Created through a passionate desire to innovate, every piece in the SV CASA range is a labour of love. SV CASA is a love story bound in luxury.

At SV CASA we believe the home to be an extension of ourselves, and that every piece within it has a story to tell. To us, each SV CASA collection is a new chapter in an anthology where every accessory plays a role. The Muse is the constant presence throughout these stories, navigating the world in search of artisans and inspiration. By weaving a story around every collection, we turn each piece into its own talking point and focus of conversation.