A contemporary Ibride Collector Portrait Abel Large (Limited Edition) of a man wearing a yellow hat.

Ibride Collector Portrait Abel Large (Limited Edition)

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Introducing the captivating 'Collector Portrait Abel' by Ibride, France. This exceptional piece transcends conventional artistry, seamlessly merging classic portraiture with contemporary allure. Abel's visage, meticulously detailed, evokes curiosity and admiration.

Crafted with Ibride's signature finesse, this portrait narrates a tale of elegance and enigma. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth, while the intricate details captivate the beholder. A masterpiece that transcends time, 'Collector Portrait Abel' is more than a mere art piece  it's an embodiment of creativity.

Hang it on your wall to infuse any space with a touch of intrigue and sophistication. Whether in a modern setting or a traditional interior, this portrait ignites conversations and adds a touch of curated elegance. Elevate your decor with 'Collector Portrait Abel,' where tradition meets innovation in the world of design.

"Collector" collection is enriched by a new series of portraits of masked lovers :  Secrets d'Alcôves. The couples can be composed and inverted. They are gazing at each other, seducing each other in an astonishing game of marivaudage signed by Rachel Convers

Visual printed on a aluminium panel designed and produced in Germany, FSC® certified paper and 100% recyclable. Frame made of solid laminate.

Certificate of Authenticity
The Portraits Collector are limited, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity signed by the French designer Rachel Convers.

The collection is made in France

Numbered and signed

Mixed Media

W64 x H85 cms

About Ibride

French design objects, full of emotion and poetry. Welcome to the world of Ibride, where each of our creations is designed to bring a touch of refinement and poetry to your home, while respecting the ethical and ecological principles that we defend. Whether you are looking for a designer furniture, a decorative object or a unique piece, our dreamlike world is full of surprises and inspiration.

Embodying the sensibilities of designers, our collections are timeless. Our creations are thought outside the framework of trends and draw their uniqueness from universal notions, such as classical arts, nature and the animal world. They endow the spaces in which they evolve with a vibrant and daring presence and create a connection with their surroundings.

For more than 25 years the company has shared a passionate curiosity to edit families of objects and furniture that convey emotions. Their creative approach is guided by authenticity, poetry and this deep connection with nature.

Embodying the sensibilities of the artists and designers they choose to publish, their collections are timeless. They draw their unique character from universal notions, such as the classical arts, nature and the animal world. They endow the spaces in which they evolve with a vibrant and daring presence and weave links with those around them.

The permanence of objects, like that of relationships, remains at the top of our concerns.


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