Anjali Kanodia is an innovative Architect Consultant and Design Strategist at Spacio, where she leverages her interdisciplinary background to enhance the brand’s design and strategic initiatives. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Anjali holds a unique combination of degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and Architecture, along with a minor in Design for Learning, equipping her with a comprehensive skill set that blends technology, design, and education.

Professional Profile

She is recognized for her ability to embrace complexity and ambiguity, approaching each challenge with a systems thinking perspective. Her leadership and strategic insight make her an invaluable asset to Spacio, where she plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s design philosophy and strategic direction.

Career Highlights

At Spacio, Anjali applies her expertise in architecture and design strategy to create innovative and functional spaces. Her work involves:

  • Design Strategy: Developing comprehensive design strategies that align with Spacio’s vision and goals.
  • Consultation: Providing expert architectural consultation to ensure that design solutions are both innovative and practical.
  • Leadership: Leading design projects with a focus on integrating technology and user-centric design principles.
  • Opportunity Identification: Utilizing her keen eye for opportunity to navigate complexity and drive project success.

Educational Background

Her educational journey at Carnegie Mellon University has profoundly shaped her professional approach. Her dual major in Human-Computer Interaction and Architecture, complemented by a minor in Design for Learning, provides her with a unique interdisciplinary perspective. This educational background enables her to understand and design for the interaction between people and spaces, enhancing user experiences through thoughtful design.

Personal Attributes

She is a lifelong learner, continually seeking to expand her knowledge and skills. She is known for her leadership, innovative thinking, and ability to see opportunities in challenging situations. Her approach to design is holistic, considering not just the aesthetics but also the functionality and user experience of each space.

Vision and Impact

Her vision for Spacio is to push the boundaries of traditional design by incorporating technology and user-centered strategies. She aims to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and adaptive to the needs of their users. Her strategic mindset and innovative approach are instrumental in driving Spacio’s success in the competitive luxury interior design market.

Anjali Kanodia stands out as a dynamic Architect Consultant and Design Strategist at Spacio. Her interdisciplinary education and professional expertise enable her to navigate and leverage complexity, driving innovative design solutions that enhance user experiences. Anjali’s leadership and strategic vision continue to propel Spacio forward, establishing the brand as a leader in luxury interior design.