Audrey Dantas is a highly skilled Decor Specialist at Spacio, trained under the renowned Celebrity Interior Stylist Navin Kanodia. With a specialisation in providing design and interior styling solutions for decor accessories, Audrey caters to high-end luxury residence owners across India.

Professional Expertise

Her role at Spacio involves working closely with leading architects and clients to create cohesive and luxurious living spaces. Her expertise lies in:

  • Design Solutions: Providing tailored decor and interior styling solutions that align with the client's lifestyle and preferences.
  • Collaboration: Bridging the gap between the designer’s theme and the client's vision, ensuring seamless integration of decor accessories into the overall design.
  • Client Engagement: Engaging with high-end clients to understand their needs and delivering bespoke decor solutions that exceed expectations.

Training and Mentorship

Under the mentorship of Navin Kanodia, Audrey has honed her skills in luxury interior styling. Navin's guidance has equipped her with a deep understanding of high-end decor trends and the nuances of creating elegant and functional spaces.

Key Responsibilities

  • Decor Accessories: Specialising in the selection and styling of decor accessories that enhance the aesthetic appeal of luxury residences.
  • Project Coordination: Collaborating with architects and designers to ensure that decor elements complement the overall design theme.
  • Client Consultation: Offering personalised consultations to clients, helping them choose decor pieces that reflect their personal style and elevate their living spaces.

Professional Approach

Her approach to decor and interior styling is characterised by meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for design. She believes in creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also resonate with the client's personality and lifestyle. Her ability to understand and interpret client needs ensures that every project is unique and personalised.

Audrey Dantas is a dedicated and talented Decor Specialist at Spacio, known for her expertise in luxury decor accessories and interior styling. Trained under the esteemed Navin Kanodia, she brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her role, helping clients transform their residences into exquisite living spaces. Audrey's collaborative approach and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Spacio team and a trusted advisor to her clients.