Jai Kanodia is an accomplished Architect with a robust background in market-rate housing and mixed-use projects. Currently serving as a Consultant at Spacio and Job Captain at BDE Architecture, Jai brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for architecture and interior design.

Educational Background

He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University, providing him with a strong foundation in both design and technical skills. His education has equipped him with the necessary tools to excel in the architecture industry and lead complex projects to successful completion.

Professional Experience

In his role at BDE Architecture, he leads project teams, managing schedules, budgets, and resources to ensure high-quality outcomes and client satisfaction. His responsibilities include preparing construction documents, coordinating with consultants, mentoring junior staff, and maintaining effective communication with stakeholders. Some of his notable projects include:

  • Mixed-use Development in San Francisco: A comprehensive project blending residential and commercial spaces.
  • Multifamily Housing Complex in Oakland: A large-scale residential development aimed at providing high-quality living spaces.
  • Hotel Renovation in San Jose: A significant renovation project enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of an existing hotel.

Role at Spacio

As a Consultant at Spacio, Jai applies his architectural expertise to support the brand's luxury interior styling projects. His strategic insights and technical skills are invaluable in ensuring that Spacio's design solutions are both innovative and functional.

Community Involvement

Jai is actively involved in the design and architecture communities. He co-founded TEDxCMU and serves as the Innovation Curator on TEDxPittsburgh's board. Through these roles, he facilitates important conversations and fosters collaboration and learning within the community. Jai's dedication to the architectural community extends beyond his professional work, reflecting his commitment to advancing the field.

He enjoys traveling and collecting limited-edition shoes, which inspire his design work by offering unique perspectives and ideas. His love for travel and design not only enriches his professional life but also influences his creative approach to architecture and interior design.

Jai Kanodia is a dynamic architect whose expertise and passion for design make him an asset to both Spacio and BDE Architecture. His leadership in project management and his active involvement in the design community demonstrate his commitment to excellence and innovation in architecture. Jai's multifaceted interests and global perspective continue to inspire and inform his work, contributing to his reputation as a forward-thinking and highly skilled architect.