Clock Haoshi Moon - Raven

Clock Haoshi Moon - Raven

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For the nocturnal souls and lovers of the moonlit hours, the Haoshi Moon Raven Clock offers a mesmerizing journey through the night. Designed with the mysterious allure of the Nighthawks, Ravens and the soothing glow of the moon, this clock is a tribute to the Nighthawks who find solace in the darkness.

As the sun sets, the clock's captivating design comes to life. The ravens, symbolic of magic and intuition, stand as guardians of time, guiding you through the night. And when darkness descends, the clock transforms, revealing its luminous charm that softly illuminates your surroundings.

The clock has been applied a layer of Fluorescent Whitening Agent on its surface. After gathered the daylight or a spot light, it will last glow for 15- 20 minutes. Use projection light in indoor space to strengthen the luminosity.

With the Haoshi Moon Raven Clock, time takes on a new dimension – one that's enriched by the enchantment of the night. Illuminate your space with its ethereal glow and let the moonlit hours become a part of your daily rhythm.


About Haoshi

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