Haoshi Chipmunk Vase Hold 02

Haoshi Chipmunk Vase Hold 02

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Imagine a delightful scene—knock, knock. As you open the window, a charming chipmunk offers you a fresh and beautiful flower, a tiny messenger of cheerfulness and nature's beauty. This heartwarming moment comes to life with the Haoshi Chipmunk X Vase - Holding 02, a delightful blend of artistry and nature's wonders.

This adorable chipmunk has a surprise in store for you. Whether presenting, holding, or carrying on its back, it arrives bearing the timeless gift of flowers—a universal symbol of blessings and well-wishes. Lovingly handcrafted, the chipmunk cradles a glass vase, creating a whimsical and endearing decoration for your home.

Place it on your dining table or by the window, and let this chipmunk become your daily dose of joy and inspiration. Its presence marks the start of a new day, a reminder of the simple pleasures that life offers. The glass vase is not only a vessel for flowers but also a canvas for your creativity. Fill it with a beautiful bloom or use it to hold diffuser sticks, infusing your space with fragrance and charm.

And when the vase needs a little attention, don't worry—it's washable. Simply remove the glass vase when it's time for a cleaning, ensuring that your chipmunk friend remains in pristine condition. Whether filled with vibrant flowers or standing empty, the Haoshi Chipmunk X Vase - Holding 02 is a delightful accent that adds a touch of nature's magic to your home. Embrace its playful spirit and bring the enchantment of the outdoors indoors.


W9.5 X D6 X H140 cms

About Haoshi

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