Haoshi Playful Dog Lamp

Haoshi Playful Dog Lamp

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We love to move around, play, try new things and accompanying you everywhere, especially love a game of fetch; we really get each other with some kind of magic, we are the partner with trust in each other and worth to take the chance.

Having a naturally playful dog can definitely add colour into your life and give you a lot of joy and fun.The Playful Dog Lamp from Haoshi applies the interesting design of the dog biting the ball, which allows the people’s focus on the ray of light. No matter you leave the house or arrive home, it always gives you a knowing smile to the partner. 

Part lamp and a part adorable tabletop sculpture, the Playful Dog Lamp is emotional design at its best! Lamps are mainly utilitarian, sometimes they’re decorative, sometimes they’re IoT-connected, but the Playful Dog Lamp is just straight-up adorable! Designed to look like a dog playing with a ball, the lamp features a sculpture of a canine that’s got the lamp’s glowing orb in its mouth. Whether switched on or off, the Playful Dog X Lamp is made to delight with its inventive fun approach to lighting design. In fact, some 90’s kids would also call this design rather ‘fetch’!

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