A peaceful white Lamp Haoshi Dove X Light 02 perched delicately on a table, bringing delight next to a book.

Lamp Haoshi Dove X Light 02

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We represent peace, and we represent delight. We could be sedentary, and we could be active. In varied postures we fly between mountains and rivers; we play around in different plazas. Although we don’t have the fancy outfits as peacocks, and we are more ordinary than the ordinary, yet we have loyal and down-to-earth personality. Occasionally we want to attract people’s attention, so if we were able to glow, would you stop to watch us? It would be moment to keep your from the chaos of the world, and it would be the moment to warm your longing for inner peace.

Haoshi design combines three doves in different postures to create the Dove X Light - Table Lamp Collection. This design not only functions as a light; it also elegantly decorates your house in the daytime.

Light up Dove X Light at the night, and it will warm your longing for inner peace.

About Haoshi

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