Haoshi Lion Sculpture Lighting

Haoshi Lion Sculpture Lighting


Can owning a lion as a pet or whatever light up your life? Yes, but only as flashes of your life passes before your eyes as this the beast turned on you. The truth is, it is a predator. It will see you as a meal, or a piece of meaty steak that walks and talks, but with the Lion X Floor Light by Haoshi Design, it can certainly light up your bleak room. This white lion sculpture, if you did not already noticed, is life-size and so, it is as imposing as the actual king of the jungle but poses no threat to anyone.

With the daydreamlike color tones, haoshi renders your home daily living fantastic! Imagining, you’ve tamed the lion, the wild and mighty king of grassland, and lead him into your house. Brush him carefully, and buckle up the collar as symbols of relationship connection. Choose him to be the guardian of your kingdom.

Haoshi specializes in creating stunning décor pieces out of everyday items like clocks and lamps with intricate animals which are handsome. It is a home and living décor design company established in 2009, named after the Chinese pronunciation ‘good thing’ 

Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) with Iron fixed support inside and Aluminium

Varnish on surface

W1800mm X D670mm X H1260mm


About Haoshi

Experience the artistry and creativity of Haoshi, a renowned brand hailing from Taiwan, with our captivating collection of Haoshi products. Known for their unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Haoshi brings a touch of whimsy and elegance to the world of home decor.

Discover a range of delightful and enchanting creations, meticulously crafted by Haoshi's talented artisans. From animal-inspired sculptures and wall clocks to decorative accessories, each piece showcases the brand's dedication to blending art with functionality.

Haoshi's designs capture the essence of nature and bring it to life in a playful yet sophisticated manner. Whether it's the graceful curves of a bird sculpture, the gentle flow of a fish wall clock, or the intricate details of their home decor items, Haoshi's collection is a celebration of art, nature, and imagination.

Experience the joy of adding a touch of Haoshi's charm and creativity to your home. Each product is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to create a unique statement piece that will become a conversation starter in any room.

With our curated selection of Haoshi products, you can bring the artistry and whimsy of Taiwan into your living space. Whether you're seeking a delightful gift or looking to infuse your home with a touch of artistic flair, Haoshi's collection offers a world of possibilities.

Explore our Haoshi collection today and discover the beauty and craftsmanship that have made the brand a beloved name among art and design enthusiasts worldwide. Let Haoshi's creations inspire and enchant you as you create a space that truly reflects your style and imagination.

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