Haoshi Deer Floor Vase Sculpture

Haoshi Deer Floor Vase Sculpture


Deer Vase design sculpture is the largest design vase in Haoshi collection. The Deer, elaborated in detail, is above all a beautiful decorative design sculpture that is unparalleled. Where normally his antlers are, 2 vases are integrated.

The Haoshi Deer vase is a white body which stands in the whole whiteness landscape and decorate its’ antlers with flowers. The deer looks at us with its warm eyes, the textures of its notch and fair all become a wonderful daily image. Flower of tender, leave of clearness, branch of fearless makes an unique fascinating impression. With the combination of animal and plant, the Haoshi Deer Vase brings elegant lifestyle in living place.

Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) with Iron fixed support inside and Aluminium

Varnish on surface

Product can be used in outdoor area but may get a little discoloured with time, which is appreciated as an ageing process. 

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