LCD Textiles

The LcD Collection of Metal Fabrics is a limited edition of fabrics hand made from technical fibres & metal. The fabrics are produced in Belgium & France. The collection is dedicated to light.

The LcD textile collection by Luc Druez is a limited edition of ‘hijacked’ fabrics made from reclaimed technical fibres. These awe-inspiring materials are for use in private home decoration, haute couture, and interior design.

All the collection is dedicated to light: the textiles are translucent and can be used either in space, around windows and in transparent settings (as blinds, screens, dividers), on walls or for seating … or else for spectacular items around the body in haute couture, theatre.

The textile LCD edition presents a collection of innovative fabrics made from technical fibres diverted metallic and non-fire. The LCD collection is handmade and composed solely of technical fibres with a new jacquard “spin”: fishing lines, raffia, rubber, copper and synthetic horsehair.

Luc Druez is a textile research consultant. His work, whether artistic or industrial, experiments with mixing natural and technical fibres to maximise their uniqueness under a light. Artistic Director in textiles, he provides Haute Couture houses with a new take on the world’s oldest textile fibres.